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What Are The Orthopedic Benefits of Yoga?

June 1, 2021

Yoga is a form of exercise developed some 5000 years ago in India.  It is a low-impact, stretching and stability exercise using intentional breathing and pose repetition.  Yoga is a great way to exercise daily and reap the innumerable benefits that it offers both physical and mental.  It helps relieve stress and anxiety, strengthens you physically, and helps to protect you from illnesses.  By helping to relieve your stress level and relax, it is known to help create a balance between the physical and spiritual aspect of life. 

The benefits of yoga are many, both physical and mental.  Here are some of those direct benefits:

•    Increases the flexibility of the muscles
•    Boosts the breathing capacity
•    Strengthens the ligaments and tendons
•    Gives strength to the joints
•    Helps the spine regain the natural curvature which makes the body look firm
•    The stretches help to align the spine and vertebrae
•    Helps bring the shoulder blade together and closer to the spine
•    Strengthens the abdominal muscles which gives compensatory strong back muscles

Some of the orthopedic benefits from a regular practice of yoga include:

•    Strong bones and a firm back which means good posture
•    Prevents weak muscles and keeps back aligned for a good posture
•    Stronger bones prevent fractures
•    Prevents osteoporosis  
•    Helps maintain good balance 

Yoga is the perfect fitness activity for all age groups.  It may be beneficial to find a yoga class to start the practice and begin learning the different poses.  There are many poses with many variations and also devices to assist with poses such as yoga bricks and pads for people with less flexibility.  Everyone can benefit from yoga. A yoga instructor can help you find the poses and routines that will be of the best benefit for your situation.  Check it out today – it may be just what you are looking for in a new exercise! 

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